Friday, February 21, 2020

Knowledge based systems Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Knowledge based systems - Assignment Example Having a clear understanding of this technology poses a challenge given the fact that the term has been used to mean different things for different scenarios. An example is the fact that experts systems has been defined by some people as computer programs which make use of knowledge and inferences to solve a problem which could have been regarded as difficult if it was to be solved by human beings; perhaps difficult enough to require significant expertise (Martin, & Hoover, 2008). Yet others have defined as software which is created by bringing together and codifying the knowledge used by one or more experts and also which is also designed to perform a task which could require special expertise under normal circumstances. The last definition, at least for this paper, gives experts systems as programs which have reasoning by use of information which is symbolic in nature and use heuristics approach as opposed to algorithmic approaches; they are flexible at both runtime and design leve l. These definitions give a consensus which is broad in nature but gives us an ample scope for discussion as to the meaning of very key terms A knowledge base is special database that is used primarily for management of knowledge. It thus provides a means for the collection, organization, and retrieval of knowledge in a computerized manner. It also represents a collection of data which have related experiences and their results are related to their problems and solutions. This is a subset of the experts systems.

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