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History and Impact of the Smart Phone

History and Impact of the Smart Phone INTRODUCTION This report is regarding the smartphone which is used nowadays worldwide. In this modern world, almost every person is using a smartphone, even kids know how to use a smartphone. With the help of computers and laptops, we are able to complete all our necessary works with the help of these. After the invention of smartphones, people think that, some of their work can be completed with the help of a smartphone. We can carry our smartphones where ever we go as we cannot take our computers. A smartphone provides us a wide range of facilities. We can say that a smartphone can be also called as a mini computer because it gives almost all our facilities which can be done with a computer. Smartphones are at affordable cost ranging from  £100 to  £900. Figure 1: Different smartphones HISTORY Smartphones has almost features like a computer. They have a great history. In the early years Simon was the first to develop a mobile phone with software and touch screen in the year 1994. In further Years different smartphones with different operating systems have been invented. Nokia came forward and invented its 1st smartphone in the year 1999. In 2003 Motorola launches its smartphone. Apple in 2007 invented its smartphone with IOS operating system. Now, there are many types of smartphones with wide range of facilities. OPERATING SYSTEMS Each company developed their own smartphone with their respective operating systems. There are abundant smartphones, buying a smartphone with a good operating system is also necessary. Each mobile company have their own operating systems. Android, IOS, Windows phone, blackberry are some operating systems of their companies. Samsung smartphones have Android operating system which was developed by Google. Android smartphones got a huge response and they have been sold in a large number. An another operating system with extraordinary features is IOS which was developed by Apple Inc. After introducing Apple Smartphones, they received a huge response. An another operating system which was developed by Microsoft is Windows phone. Every Smartphone company are developing day by day their operating systems and trying to attract their users as much as they can. Figure3: Different operating systems INTERACTION AND ITS APPLICATION APPLICATIONS, ITS USES AND EFFECTS ON SOCIAL LIFE: In the world of technology, each smartphone has a different operating system. In the same way applications are very important for the users as it provides all. Day by day new applications are developed and introduced in this world for the use of smartphones. A wide range of applications are available to all users nowadays, how smartphones are important the applications for the smartphone are also important. Applications which are available for us provides us a wide range of facilities like to buy or sell goods, internet banking, watching movies, listening to songs, playing games. Access to internet in smartphones gives us various facilities which can be done by using a computer. Before different applications were introduced it was difficult to use these kind of facilities which we are using these now. Communication is now an important aspect in our life, we can interact with people all over the world. With the use of social apps like facebook and twitter, we can get a lot of information what is going all round the world and in the same way it effects our daily life, as we are daily watching news many people got addicted to these social apps and lost their lives. Interest in games in a limit is acceptable, but some people make playing games as their habit and playing whole the day is not good. A recent game Pokemon go which was introduced now a days became popular, while playing we assume that we are in a real world inside the game, many people started playing this game and a number of people lost their lives too playing this game. Texting friends always has become a habit to many people and this may result affecting their studies too. Figure4 :Different applications in a Smartphone INTERACTION: The interaction design for Apple IPhone is very attractive when compared to the remaining smartphones. Apple IPhone has a very well user interfaced design and good usability compared to android smartphones. The first apple IPhone has been released in the year 2007, year after year they have been releasing new models with better interfaced design and introducing new updates. Figure5: IOS vs Android I would like to draw a contrast between IOS and Android devices. Android is available on many phones like Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony, were as IOS is available in iPhones, iPod, iPad. According to Simon hill, interaction design of apple iPhone is better than the android devices. He illustrated that the android devices have basic customizable home screens, app drawer, pull down notifications. Where it is perfectly uniform across all IOS devices. Apple, after undergoing major design its platform is bright and it has modern feeling. More people like to use Apple IOS devices because it has well designed user interface, its speed and its usability. But the file transfer in Apple devices is quiet difficult compared to the android devices where it is easy to transfer files to it. There is good Security in IOS devices compared to android devices. According to Pfeiffer, Apple IOS has been rated better in user experience compared to android. 3D BASED INTERACTION: Figure6: Figure showing 3d based interaction Now a days 3d based smartphone interaction is widely spread and people are enjoying it. According to Alejandro Rodriguez, these 3d capability, touch input and a very high compute power made smartphones attractive with visualization and a good 3D interaction. With these kind of 3d interaction people get attracted towards the smartphones and try to buy smartphones with 3D interaction. CONCLUSION: Well, I would like to conclude this report with some key points. Smartphones are important to us, but its usage should be in limit. Using it all the time will affect the humans very badly. As we have a number of uses from it we have too many disadvantages too. They are revolutionary which makes things very useful to the humans as it gives a wide range of facilities like talking to people all over the world, texting, games, internet facility, online banking, and etc.. But reports showed that many people are using smartphones continuously always checking their phones, texting and playing games. This may make our brain defective. All smartphones with respective operating systems are good with their software. All applications available in our app stores in our respective smartphone devices are almost good but some are harmful. In kinds of user interface I suggest that Apple IOS devices are good compared to the remaining devices. REFERENCES: Smartphone (2016). . In Wikipedia. Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smartphone Bloom, P. (2016, November 14). How Smartphones are killing conversation. Retrieved November 23, 2016, from http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_smartphones_are_killing_conversation Hill, S. (2016, October 31). Which smartphone OS wins 2016? Android Nougat vs. IOS 10 vs. Windows 10 mobile. Retrieved November 23, 2016, from http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/best-smartphone-os Alejandro Rodrà ­guez Alejandro J. Leà ³n. Smartphone based intearction. 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Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smartphone Figure3: Smartphones with operating systems. (2013, May 1). Retrieved November 23, 2016, from https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=smartphones+with+operating+systems Figure4: smartphone with applications. Retrieved November 23, 2016, from https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=smartphone+applications Figure5: Ios vs android. (2016, February 8). Retrieved November 23, 2016, from https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=ios+vs+android Figure6: Alejandro Rodrà ­guez Alejandro J. Leà ³n. Smartphone based intearction. Retrieved November 23, 2016, from http://www.digitalheritage2015.org/portfolio/smartphone-based-interaction

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Love and Destruction in Alice Hoffmans Here on Earth :: Hoffman Here on Earth Essays

Love and Destruction in Alice Hoffman's Here on Earth Dangerous love was an attraction for March in Alice Hoffman's Here on Earth. The story suggests that her love is pure from the beginning and that she could only love her counter part Hollis. The twist and turns that this novel brings shows the doom that falls upon March and Hollis's relationship. The affection grows to lust and then to a need for their bodies. March and Hollis's need for the love of each other lead to each of their destructions. March begins with an attraction to Hollis that starts to break down her family life. March sees Hollis for the first time when they were both in their early teen years. March observes Hollis from a window on the first day and lays claim to him, "From now on, he's mine." (17). Hollis does not talk in the beginning of the novel. This lack of communication does not allow March to see his background. She finds out that later on in the novel that Hollis is a very angry man, "... of some other scorching scent, which March would later come to believe was anger." (19). This is a lead to March that danger is in loving Hollis. Huffman suggest that the love of Hollis and March will be difficult when Hollis became possessive of March. She was preparing for a night at the Coopers and Hollis was jealous of the relationship that she had formed. He became violent with March, "He was twisting her wrist; as soon as she shook free, she backed away. 'Leave me alone' she said." (27). Huffman knows that a love with one of the partners being jealous and possessive does not work and she makes that clear from the beginning. At that point Hollis leaves March angry while Huffman knows that love must not be built on the jealous rampage of one man. March spends years waiting on Hollis with hopes that he will return to her,"...before she knew it the pane of glass had become her universe, the empty road her fate." (28). March goes on to become another person but she knows in her heart that she will always love Hollis. This dooms her character to a life of sadness and regret. Her family is always different. March will never truly love Richard, her husband, and this strains their marriage to the extreme as the novel continues on, "I'll never be in love with you.

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Indian Dairy Industry- Swot

Indian Dairy Sector- Overview & SWOT Posted by  admin  on Tuesday, July 31, 2012  ·Ã‚  Leave a Comment   inShare | Import of key items on the increase to meet shortage| Import of dairy items during April 2009-February 2010 surged by a massive 275. 5 per cent to Rs 284. 88 crore. | | In April 2008-February 2009, import of milk and other dairy products was only Rs 75. 86 crore. | The dairy products imports mainly comprise skimmed milk powder and butter oil brought in by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)  to meet shortfall  in milk procurement of its subsidiary, Mother Dairy, and other co-operatives.With their procurement lagging behind, liquid milk supplies have been affected in many States. B L 180510| SWOT ANALYSIS OF INDIAN DAIRY INDUSTRY| Strengths:| * Demand profile: Absolutely optimistic. | * Margins: Quite reasonable, even on packed liquid milk. | * Flexibility of product mix: Tremendous. With balancing equipment, you can keep on adding to your product line . | * Availability of raw material: Abundant. Presently, more than 80 per cent of milk produced is flowing into the unorganized sector, which requires proper channelization. * Technical manpower: Professionally-trained, technical human resource pool, built over last 30 years. | Weaknesses:| * Perishability: Pasteurization has overcome this weakness partially. UHT gives milk long life. Surely, many new processes will follow to improve milk quality and extend its shelf life. | Lack of control over yield: Theoretically, there is little control over milk yield. However, increased awareness of developments like embryo transplant, artificial insemination and properly managed animal husbandry practices, coupled with higher income to rural milk producers should automatically lead to improvement in milk yields. Logistics of procurement: Woes of bad roads and inadequate transportation facility make milk procurement problematic. But with the overall economic improvement in India, these problem s would also get solved. | Problematic distribution: Yes, all is not well with distribution. But then if ice creams can be sold virtually at every nook and corner, why can’t we sell other dairy products too? Moreover, it is only a matter of time before we see the emergence of a cold chain linking the producer to the refrigerator at the consumer’s home! Competition: With so many newcomers entering this industry, competition is becoming tougher day by day. But then competition has to be faced as a ground reality. The market is large enough for many to carve out their niche. | Opportunities:| â€Å"Failure is never final, and success never ending†. Dr Kurien bears out this statement perfectly. He entered the industry when there were only threats. He met failure head-on, and now he clearly is an example of ‘never ending success’!If dairy  entrepreneurs  are looking for opportunities in India, the following areas must be tapped:| * Value addition: Th ere is a phenomenal scope for innovations in product development, packaging and presentation. Given below are potential areas of value addition:| * Steps should be taken to introduce value-added products like shrikhand, ice creams, paneer, khoa, flavored milk, dairy sweets, etc. This will lead to a greater presence and flexibility in the market place along with opportunities in the field of brand building. * Addition of cultured products like yoghurt and cheese lend further strength – both in terms of utilization of resources and presence in the market place. | A lateral view opens up opportunities in milk proteins through casein, caseinates and other dietary proteins, further opening up export opportunities. | Yet another aspect can be the addition of infant foods, geriatric foods and nutritionals. | Export potential: Efforts to exploit export potential are already on. Amul is exporting to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and the Middle East.Following the new GATT treaty, opp ortunities will increase tremendously for the export of agri-products in general and dairy products in particular. | Threats:| Milk vendors, the un-organized sector: Today milk vendors are occupying the pride of place in the industry. Organized dissemination of information about the harm that they are doing to producers and consumers should see a steady decline in their importance. | The study of this SWOT analysis shows that the ‘strengths’ and ‘opportunities’ far outweigh ‘weaknesses’ and ‘threats’.Strengths and opportunities are fundamental and weaknesses and threats are transitory. Any investment idea can do well only when you have three essential ingredients: entrepreneurship (the ability to take risks), innovative approach (in product lines and marketing) and values (of quality/ethics). | The Indian dairy industry, following its delicensing, has been attracting a large number of entrepreneurs. Their success in dairying depend s on factors such as an efficient yet economical procurement network, hygienic and cost-effective processing facilities and innovativeness in the market place. |

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Rape A More Heinous Crime Than Murder - 1062 Words

We live in a Society that teaches one to be careful, not to get raped instead of teaching NOT TO RAPE. Rape is the most humiliating thing that can be done, it s the most vulnerable that can be. It is a more heinous crime than murder. Each rape event is a different case and the motives behind it could be completely different, but in all cases the rape will happen to satisfy a certain psychological need. Nearly 1 in 5 or 22 million women and 1 in 71 or almost 1.6 million men have been raped during their lifetimes. About 80% of female victims experienced their first rape before the age of 25, almost half experienced their first rape before age 18, and about 35% of women who were raped as minors were also raped as adults. Around 28% of†¦show more content†¦Because of these beliefs some men start to want that kind of domination in order to feel manlier. Therefore some men rape women in order to assert their manhood especially if they have doubts about their own masculinity. Power rapists are less impulsive and rely on psychological manipulation more than physical violence to control and sexually assault their victims. â€Å"A power rapist is motivated by his need to control and dominate his victim, and inversely, to avoid being controlled by the victim, describes Dr. Lisak. (Causes, Statistics Sex Assault Types. 2015) About 44% of rapes fall under this category, luckily this is one of the least violent types of rape. Anger Retaliation Rapists are different because the Rapist wants to punish their victim. They express their hatred for their victim through physical violence and horrid language. For these rapists, sex is a weapon to humiliate and degrade the victim. This rapist considers rape the ultimate offense they can commit against the victim, their objective is to injure the victim and hospitalize them. About 67% of rape or sexual assault victims know the offender. Some Rapists will rape women in order to get revenge from a specific woman or even a women who resembles one who showed power over him, because men want to feel superior to women but some of them have low self confidence issues which forces them to believe that they are below women. In such a case a man